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GCH Hill N Holler Sky Tiliza *M



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GCH Hill N Holler Sky Tiliza *M


DOB: 2-08-86

Color: Light chamoisee, black trim

Sire: ++*B Raintree BF Skypilot
     SS: ++*B Bond's Foy
     SD: GCH Wa-Sha-Me Snowbird *M, CL 90 (87 90 90 93)
          '79 & '80 ADGA National GCH, '81 National RGCH

Dam: Hill N Holler BR Timpani
     DS: ++*B Serendipity's Bruiser
          DSS: ++*B Serendipity's Laet
          DSD: Serendipity's Dairy Princess
    DD: Hill N Holler Joi Tamarah 4*M
          DDS: *B Hill N Holler Joi Huckster
               Premier Sire '82 National Show
               21 CH daughters, 32 dau average: VG 86

Linear Appraisal: 6-04 89 (VEEE)

"Liza" died in 1996 at ten years after giving birth to four buck kids. We include her in our Archives because so much of our line has been influenced by her. She and Sutra are our foundation does.

A tall doe, Liza was sharp and long-bodied, her rump long, flat and level. She had an uphill, well-blended front, correct feet, and a well angled, correct rear leg set. Her udder had an incredible area of attachment with ideal teat size, shape and placement. Her foreudder was seamless, blending perfectly into her abdomen.

Liza's kids were consistently elegant, with long necks and lots of size, height, and angulation. I love her babies - Iron-Rod SS Tennyson, the '94 Reserve Junior National Champion, and CH Iron-Rod SPF Thornbird, first place 4-year-old milker at the '97 National Show, were examples of her consistency as a brood doe.

Liza's sire, Sky Pilot, was the son of the lovely '79 and '80 National GCH and '81 National RGCH, GCH Wa-Sha-Me Snowbird. His progeny include many of the most stylish Alpines ever, including Missdee's Nell, '91 National RGCH and BU.

Liza was shown a total of 13 times with 4x BOB, 1xBU, 3xRGCH, 5x1st, 7x2nd, (4x2nd to GCH Iron Rod Rev Sutra), 1x3rd (to GCH Nodaway Kibbitz).

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