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CH Iron-Rod The Bold Tartan



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CH Iron-Rod The Bold Tartan @ 1 year


DOB: 4-22-93     
Color: Brown chamoisee, black face, belly, trim

At left: Tartan is pictured as a yearling.

Sire: Iron-Rod PH Spitfire LA 2-01 87 (VVV)
     SS: Missdee's Phantom
          SSS: CH++B Missdee's Skyrocket
          SSD: Missdee's Majyk Potion LA 90 (VEVE)
     SD: GCH Iron Rod Rev Sutra *M LA 91 (VEEE)

Dam: Iron-Rod French Tarte, 3X 1st, (deceased at 2 years old)
     DS: Iron Rod Kane Kalif
     DD: GCH Hill N Holler Sky Tiliza *M LA 6-05 89 (VEEE)

Linear Appraisal: 6-02 90 (EEE), E in rear legs, back & rump, V in head, shoulder assembly, front end, legs & feet.

Tartan was a magnificent buck. He was large boned, tall (LA 50), yet had so much style and sense of self. His feet and legs were strong and correct. His chest was deep and wide with correct placement of front legs. His front end assembly was tight and smooth with ample brisket extension. this very desirable trait was passed on to his get

Tartan has within his immediate pedigree some of the most influential French Alpines of the 1980s-1990s: GCH++*B Redwood Hills Sunshine Reverie, ++*B Serendipity's Bruiser, ++*B Nixon's Joi Huckster, ++*B Raintree BF Skypilot, ++*B Nixon's Ranchman, and ++*B New Era's Kane. The positive traits of these sires are ongoing and currently seen in the pedigrees of recent show winners at the national level.

His daughters are tall, smoothly blended, well angulated, beautifully uddered with special attention to foreudder extension, teat size and delineation. Rear udder height averages at 38.

Daughters of CH Iron-Rod The Bold Tartan:

CH Iron Rod BT Stellaluna
CH Iron Rod BT Stellaluna
LA 91 (VEEE)
CH Iron-Rod BT Naomi
CH Iron-Rod BT Naomi
LA 90 (VEEE)
Iron-Rod Tartan's Black Irish
Iron-Rod Tartan's Black Irish
LA 90 (EEEV)

Iron-Rod Tartan's Angelique
LA 90 (EEEV)

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