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GCH Iron-Rod Rev Sutra *M



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GCH Iron-Rod Rev Sutra *M

1993 Alpine National Champion
and Best Udder

DOB: 5-25-86
Color: Red chamoisee,  with black trim

GCH Iron-Rod Rev Sutra *M

Sire: *B Hill N Holler BR Shanghai
     SS: ++*B Serendipity's Bruiser, sire of GCH++*B New Era's Kane and +*B Sugar Ridge Cheers
          SSS: +*B Serendipity's Laet
          SSD: Serendipity's Dairy Princess *M
     SD: Hill N Holler Joi Suzzett 3*M, LA 3-03 VG 87
               Littermate to GCH Hill N Holler Joi Suki 3*M
               1st 2-yr-old, 1st Udder, '81 National Show
         SDS: Hill N Holler Joi Huckster
         SDD: Wil-Lu-Mar Suzzett

 Dam: Iron Rod Redwood Reverence LA 1-04 85 (+V+V)
     DS: GCH++*B Redwood Hills Sunshine Reverie, LA 85 (+EV), Littermate to GCH Redwood Hills Sunshine Profecy 5*M
          DSS: ++*B Sunshine Stella's Vicar
          DSD: GCH Redwood Hills Fortune Teller 6-05 88(86 89 90 87)
     DD: Star View's Indian Pudding
          DDS: Alderwood Lines

Linear Appraisal:
6-02 90 VEEE
8-01 91 VEEE

Sutra died in the year 2001 at the age of fifteen. She was such a part of our lives, and the foundation of our herd that it makes sense for us to keep her in the Archives to help you make more sense of the rest of the herd.

Sutra made her championship her first year shown and at the age of seven was 1993 ADGA National Grand Champion and Best Udder, her first year shown at the National Show. At the age of ll.8 years we took her out of retirement and she took Grand Champion Alpine at the '97 Virginia State Fair. She was a show girl - she loved the "greasepaint," the smell of sawdust and the crowd. She was a joy to take into the ring - I didn't have to do a thing.

Sutra was an elegantly feminine, yet powerful doe, with a gorgeous head. She excelled in topline, levelness of rump, front end, tight feet and legs, short, strong pasterns, and in smooth-blending throughout. These desirable characteristics she consistently passed on. Her udder was ideally attached and pocketless, with ample foreudder extension and rear udder height; her teats were perfect (for me: 2"), well-placed and well delineated - excellent! She was many times Best Udder, including the 1993 National Show. It is gratifying to see Sutra in the pedigree of so many top winning Alpine dairy goats. She was Leslie's "Red Alpine!"

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