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GCH++*B Iron-Rod Supersonic



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GCH++*B Iron-Rod Supersonic

DOB: 4-29-93
Color: Brown chamoisee, black trim


Sire: Iron-Rod PH Thunderbird
     SS: Missdee's Phantom
          SSS: CH++B Missdee's Skyrocket
          SSD: Missdee's Majyk Potion LA 90 (VEVE)
     SD: GCH Hill N Holler Sky Tiliza *M LA 89 (VEEE)

Dam: GCH Iron Rod Rev Sutra *M LA 91 (VEEE)
     DS: *B Hill N Holler Br. Shanghai
     DD: Iron Rod Redwood Reverence

Linear Appraisal:
1-02 88
3-02 90
6-02 91 (EEE)

Supersonic was a tall (LA 50), powerful buck, with that difficult to achieve combination of masculine scale with impressive style. He excelled in correctness of front end with tight shoulders, sharp withers, wide chest floor, and straight - truly straight - front legs. His feet were strong, with tight toes and deep heels. He moved in a strong, fluid, effortless "horse-like" gait. With an "E" rating in head, rear legs, feet, back and rump, and a "V" rating in shoulder assembly and front legs, one can agree that he was a truly extraordinary buck.

Sonic has proven to increase milk production significantly, with daughters averaging over 10 lbs. at first freshening. Daughters are also longer, taller, and more level than their dams. He has shown to improve leg set and foot structure.

He has won 3 Reserve Grand Championships, 14 Best of Breeds, and 8 Best Buck in Show. He was the 1996 Alpine All-American 2-year-old and the 1997 Alpine All-American 3-year-old buck. His daughters took 1st place Junior Get at the 2001 National Show.

We will be using him again in the future on unrelated does, through A.I.

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