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Iron Rod Suriname Sizzle 2*M



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Iron Rod Suriname Sizzle 2*M

DOB: 4-28-12
Color:  Cou claire

ADGA Genetics Full Pedigree

Iron Rod Suriname Sizzle 2*M
(2nd freshening rear udder)

Sire: Iron Rod RS Suriname LA 3-03 88 (VEV)
     SS: Iron Rod Rhett Staubach LA 92 (EEE)
     SD: Iron Rod RDK Sunami LA 4-04 90 (VEEE)

Dam: GCH Iron Rod JC Siphronia *M 3-02 91 (EEEE)
     DS: +*B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos LA 90 (VEE)
     DD: CH The Iron Rod TH Sigourney LA 91 (EEEE)

Linear Appraisal:
2-03 88(VVVV) E in shoulder assembly & back, with a 23 in teat placement (same as Ransom Ambition!)
4-05 90(EVEE) E’s in shoulder assembly, front legs, back & rump/ 26 in teat placement

Sizzle is a tight, sharp, smooth. level doe...very correct! She has her sire’s great rear leg set and basic body style, being deep in body, wide over the hips, with a strong level back.

Sizzle was “oops” bred as a 5-month-old doeling, kidding at 9 months old. Her fantastic “pre-teen” udder was perfect, so the decision was made to keep her, milk her for that year and through the next, letting her grow up. This would bring her into 2015 as a 2nd freshener along with the other 2012 does. Her LA score reflects her having been milked for 2 years. The comments from the appraiser were as favorable as I had hoped!

She is a moderately sized doe, due to having been bred so very young, yet, she is such a pretty package with a splendid udder, so she will stay here and be shown in the coming years.

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