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Iron Rod J. Carlos Siempre



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Iron Rod J. Carlos Siempre
(Siempre at one month old)

A1259827     DOB 4-09-08
Color: Brown Chamoise, black trim

Iron Rod J. Carlos Siempre
(Siempre at one month old)

Sire: +*B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos LA 2-04 90 (VEE)
     SS: ++*B Sweet Dreams Golden Boy LA 3-04 89 (E+E)
          SSS: ++*B Chateau De Ville’s Gyrfalcon
          SSD: Chateau De Ville’s Wild Thing
     SD: GCH Willow Run Apache Josephina 3*M, A 7-02 92 E(EEEE)
              (th Place 2-yr-old, 2002 Nat’l Show)
              (st Place 4 yr old, 2004 Nat’l Show)
              (th Place 5-6 yr old 2006 ADGA Nat’l Show)
          SDS: +*B Willow Run Apache
          SDD: Willabelle Acres FJE Jaguar 2*M, LA 8-01 90 (VEVE), es Nat’l Champion, Res BU, 2000 Nat’l Show)

Dam: CH The Iron Rod TH Sigourney LA 6-00 91 (VEEE)
     DS: Iron-Rod Clare's Thegn LA 82 (AEE)
     DD: Iron-Rod Super Thistle

Linear Appraisal: 2-01 LA 87 (VEE)

This handsome yearling is exactly what I was hoping for when I bred his dam A.I. to Juan Carlos. Ten years ago, I put a deposit on a doe kid out of Willabelle Acres FJE Jaguar. She was stretchy, strong, and very tall, and had a neck “like a giraffe.” She had a wide flat rump and an excellent, capacious mammary. Jaguar’s doe kid that spring was Josephina and Willow Run opted to retain her.

We’ve had wonderful success crossing Golden Boy onto Sutra’s granddaughters, the standout being CH Golden Style.

So it was with anticipation and glee that we bred beautiful Sigourney to Style’s half brother, GB Juan Carlos.

By so doing, we doubled back onto the Abundance Danish Classic and Sanstorm/Mystic lines that have created so many outstanding udders and level toplines. By also doubling up on Nixon’s Ranchman and Gyrfalcon, we hope to secure the correct leg and foot structure and great style that we admired in the Missdee’s herd.

J. Carlos Siempre is a desirable balance of masculine strength and athletic angularity. Upstanding, level and long, he boasts width in the chest as well as in the escutcheon area.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the way Siempre is developing. My husband says he’s the finest buck on the place since Supersonic.

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