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CH Sanstorms Super Shyne



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CH Sanstorms Super Shyne
(Shyne pictured at 6 years old)

DOB: 3-23-94
Color: Chamoisee, black trim,
           white facial stripes

S: Sanstorms Superstition LA 5-01 90 (EVE)
      SS: +*B Sanstorm's Friendly Matador
          SSS: ++*B Sanstorms User Friendly
          SSD: GCH Sanstorms Notorious Mallory 3*M, LA 3-05 89 (V+VV)
     SD: Sanstorms Roc Solita 3*M, LA 90 (+EEE), 2 GCH legs
          SDS: ++B LeChevier RMN Roc, HES (96 88 88), 2xCH, 2xBOB
          DDS: Sanstorms Hitman Sophie 2*M, LA 3-07 89 (+EVE), 2 GCH legs

D: Sanstorms Friendly Sheyenne (littermate to Sanstorms Friendly Souvenir)
DS: ++*B Sanstorms User Friendly
DD: Sanstorms Hitman Sophie 2*M, LA 3-07 89 (+EVE), 2 GCH legs

Linear Appraisal: 5-03 89 (VEVE)

Purchased because of my fondness for her granddam, Sanstorm's Roc Solita, Shyne was "board" level. She had good legs and feet, with short strong pasterns. She had a wide, openly arched escutcheon. Shown only twice in '95, she received her dry leg. Freshened in '96, her "Sanstorm udder" was her best feature - wide (attached to her legs!), snug, pretty teats, a strong medial suspension, and a seamless, well-extended fore-udder. Shyne won 3rd place and 3rd place best udder in a huge 3-year-old class at the '97 National Show. In 2000 as a 6-year-old, Shyne was shown once and placed 12th in her class at the National Show.

She is the dam of CH Iron Rod Sonic Shenia, 91(EEEE) (owned by Nodaway), CH Iron Rod Supersonic Stealth, 88(VEV), CH Iron Rod Sonic Shemise, Iron Rod ET Sheriff (Windrush Alpines) 91(EEEE), and CH Iron Rod Rt. 66 Jubal Early. We know she could reproduce her strengths. She crossed best with CH Supersonic lines, adding the stature she lacked.

She was paternal half sister to GCH Sanstorms Super Dazzle, owned by the PJ-Bailey herd. Dazzle was granddam to their lovely 2005 Spotlight doe, Dante Fayme.

I have had judges ask me if what I was showing were her offspring. It is evident in her progeny that she did give "a look" to them and we are grateful to have had her.

Shyne as a two-year-old first freshener
Shyne as a two-year-old first freshener
Sanstorms Roc Solita 3*M 
Shyne's granddam, Sanstorms Roc Solita 3*M

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