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Iron Rod STG Showoff
(Showoff has been sold.)



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Iron Rod STG Showoff
(Yearling photo)

DOB 4-12-05
Color: Black


Sire: Iron Rod Radical Strategy LA 4-02 92 (EEE)
     SS: GCH++*B Tempo Aquila Free Radical LA 87 (VEV)
     SD: CH Iron-Rod Golden Style LA 92 (EEEE)

Dam: Iron Rod Jim Shawnesie
     DS: ++B Goodwoods James
     DD: CH Iron Rod Sonic Shemise

Linear Appraisal: 3-03 89 (VEEV). She received an E in head, back, rump, and udder texture.

Long, perfectly level, high headed, with excellent general appearance, Showoff was part of our 2006 National Show 2nd place Jr. Get of Sire and 2nd place Best 3 Jr. Does. She herself placed ninth in the Sr. Yearling class. That same year she was LA-EC. She freshened with a faultless udder. She received a 40 in foreudder, 24 in teat placement, a 13 in teat diameter, and a 38 in rear udder height. From these scores one can judge that her udder really is beautiful. However with a single kid two years concurrent, her udder lacked the capacity to match her scale. She has not been shown as a milker. Hoping for triplets in 2011, we will get this beautiful girl to some shows!

Iron Rod SLV Sheramee
Her 2006 doeling, Sheramee (above) was a 3rd place dry yearling behind the 2008 Jr National Champion at the National Show.
2nd place Produce of Dam, 2013 National Show, Shelby & Shatte
Showoff's daughters, Shatte and her sister, Shelby,
2nd place Produce of Dam, 2013 National Show

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