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Iron Rod RPT Shorebird *M



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Iron Rod RPT Shorebird *M

DOB: 4-04-12
Color:  Sundgau

ADGA Genetics Full Pedigree

Sire: Cherry Glen Spider Rampart
     SS: *B IR-Ranch KW Spiderman LA 92 (EEE)
     SD: Cherry Glen LKP Rivkah Rasheka 4*M

Dam: CH Iron Rod JCS Sheriann LA 3-02 91 EEEE
     DS: Iron Rod J. Carlos Siempre LA 90 (VEE)
     DD: Iron Rod SLV Sheramee
LA 7-04 89(VVEV)

Linear Appraisal:
2-03 87(VEEV) - first freshening - E in front legs, back & rump, with a 28 in teat placement....and 32 in teat diameter-same as CH Shelby!
4-06 91(EEEE)
5-03 89 (VEVV)

Shorebird is the "other" sundgau in our herd. She is very long bodied, long necked, and level, with correct placement & set to front and rear legs. Extremely productive & "milky", we expect she will have earned her star in her first year on DHIR. At 266 days in milk, she has produced 3,247 lbs/milk, 131 lbs/ bfat. Her udder is well attached all around and milks out completely. Shown late in this year's lactation, she garnered a RCH to her dam, CH Sheriann.

Shorebird is milking through, not bred for 2018 freshening.

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