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Iron Rod JSN Shocolate



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Iron Rod JSN Shocolate
(Shocolate is pictured as a 2-year-old first-freshener)

DOB 4-16-15
Color: Dark two-toned chamoisee

ADGA Genetics Full Pedigree

Iron Rod JSN Shocolate

Sire: Iron Rod Jim Shamison
     SS: ++B SG Goodwoods James
     SD: CH Iron Rod Sonic Shemise 6-03 92(EEEE)

Dam: CH Iron Rod STB Shelby 3-04 92 (EEEE), 2014 ADGA National Champion & Res Best Udder
     DS: +B Iron Rod Rhett Staubach 5-04 92 (EEE)
     DS: Iron Rod STG Showoff 3-03 89 (VEEV)

Linear Appraisal:
1-05 Ec (EcEcEc)
2-03 89 (VEEE) 1st FF

Show Wins:
2016: JrGCH, BJrDIS
2017: GCH

Beautiful Shocolate, Shelbys smooth deep cocoa brown 2015 chammy daughter is a “natural” show doe. She is effortless to set up, “holding point” like a bird dog. She really seems to be aware of how strikingly correct she is and shows herself off! She is affectionate and communicative, which is not on the scorecard, but endears her to you.

High percentage *++B Goodwoods James genetics, just as in her dam, are a qualifying factor adding to her remarkable mammary. Just look at the udders in her pedigree! Her “cover-girl”udder is wide, high, smoothly attached, well delineated, with lovely teat shape and placement. One judge commented....Now, there is a doe to watch”...ah, music to my ears

Iron Rod JSN Shocolate Iron Rod JSN Shocolate
(Shocolate is pictured as a dry yearling, 2016)

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