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GCH Iron Rod ADV Shockwave *M



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GCH Iron Rod ADV Shockwave *M

DOB 5-01-2013
Color: Broken, pied cou blanc

ADGA Genetics Full Pedigree

GCH Iron Rod ADV Shockwave *M

Shockwave is pictured, above and to the left, as a 1st freshening 2-year-old (2015)

Sire: +B Iron-Rod Sullivan Advance
     SS: Iron Rod JLS Sullivan
     SD: Iron-Rod Tartan's Angelique LA 5-03 90 (EEEV)
          SDS: CH Iron-Rod The Bold Tartan LA 90 (EEE)
          SDD: Sanstorms Symphony Amanda

Dam: CH Iron Rod STB Shelby 3-02 92 (EEEE)
          2014 ADGA National Champion Alpine
     DS: Iron Rod Rhett Staubach LA 92 (EEE)
     DD: Iron Rod STG Showoff LA
3-03 89 (VEEV)

Linear Appraisal:
3-04 91 (VEEE)
4-02 91 (EEEE), E’s in 5 structural catagories

Show Wins:
2017 - BOB

“This colorful 1st daughter of CH Shelby is a young doe that has astonished us with her production. As a 3- year-old, @282 days in milk, she has produced 3,771 lbs of milk w/3.9 BF! She will undoubtedly gain star milker status for her 2016 lactation. Since freshening, we find it is a challenge to keep her in show bloom. Shockwave loves food, is powerfully built with ample bone, so we expect her to get deeper in the coming years!

Shockwave is milking through, not bred for 2018 freshening.

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