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CH Iron Rod JCS Sheriann



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CH Iron Rod JCS Sheriann
Sheriann as a first-freshening two-year-old, 2011.

DOB: 5-20-09
Color: Red chamoisee with black trim

ADGA Genetics Full Pedigree

CH Iron Rod JCS Sheriann
Sheriann's rear udder at 3 years

Sire: Iron Rod J. Carlos Siempre
     SS: +*B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos
     SD:: CH The Iron Rod TH Sigourney

Dam: Iron Rod SLV Sheramee LA 7-04 89(VVEV)
     DS: Iron Rod JLS Sullivan
     DD: Iron Rod STG Showoff

Linear Appraisal:
3-02 91(EEEE)
7-03 91(EEEE)

Show wins:
2010 – JGCH, BJDIS
2011 – GCH, BOB, BDIS
2012 – 4X1st, 1X RGrand, 2XGCH, 2XBDIS
2016 – 10th pl/ 7 years & older ADGA National Show
          GCH, BOB, BDIS

Sheriann, upstanding, long, and level is very similar to my first “red alpine”, GCH Iron Rod Rev Sutra. She shares many of Sutra’s strengths, including body style, foreudder attachment, length of neck, and strong tight toes. Sheriann is a planned double back onto Sigourney, her grandam & great grandam, with the added bonus of Tempo Aquila Free Radical, Sweet Dreams Golden Boy, & Willabelle Acres Jaguar in her pedigree.

Sheriann was not appraised as a 5-yr-old in consequence to her delivering large triplets bucks the month before. Difficult summer, but she rallied in time, delivering large twin does the next year. They were sired by CH. Shelby’s 2014 buckling, Shem, his first & only breeding of the season. We kept her cou claire doeling, Shenanigan, nicknamed "Nancy", out of sentiment, yet WOW, what a great decision that was!

Iron-Rod Shem Shenanigan
Sheriann's daughter, Iron-Rod Shem Shenanigan as a dry yearling (2016).

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