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Iron Rod SLV Sheramee



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Iron Rod SLV Sheramee
(Yearling photo)

DOB 03-03-07

Color: Brown chamoisee with black trim

Sire: Iron Rod JLS Sullivan
     SS: Iron-Rod John L. Sullivan HES 6mos 88.75
     SD: CH The Iron Rod TH Sigourney LA 91 (VEEE)

Dam: Iron Rod STG Showoff LA 3-03 89 (VEEV)
     DS: Iron Rod Radical Strategy LA 90 (EEE)
     DD: Iron Rod Jim Shawnesie

Linear Appraisal:
3-02 87 (VVEV)
7-04 89(VVEV)

Beautiful from birth, this doe has so much promise. Tall, level and very classy, she turns heads every time she is shown. She has her dry leg, and placed 3rd in the Senior Yearling class from which the 2008 Jr. National Champion was selected.

Sheramee's udder is widely and smoothly attached all movement, no pocket, no dimple! Her teats, though less delineated than others in the herd, are perfectly plumb and well placed. She is a huge doe, once thought by a fairgoer to be a female elk, and measures 31" at the withers. She passes this scale onto her offspring: 2009 / CH Sherianne - LA 91 (EEEE); 2011 / Lady of Shalot- LA 88 (VEEV), 4th pl Jr kid/ 2010 Ntl Show, 2nd pl Senior Yearling/ 2011 Ntl Show; 2013/ Sheherazad, sired by Suriname- retained tall, long, open, sharp black doeling---exquisite!!! Sheramee has been selfish with her doe kids. I have kept each one.

She did not freshen in 2012, so was not linear appraised that year.

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