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CH Iron Rod STB Shelby



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ALPINE NATIONAL CHAMPION and Reserve Best Udder – 2014 ADGA National Show

CH Iron Rod STB Shelby

DOB: 4-04-11
Color: Broken Cou Clair

CH Iron Rod STB Shelby

Sire: Iron Rod Rhett Staubach LA 92 (EEE)
     SS: +*B Willow Run Ahren Rhett LA 90 (VEE)
     SD:  Iron-Rod String of Pearls LA 92 (EEEE)

Dam: Iron Rod STG Showoff LA 89 (VEEV)
     DS: Iron Rod Radical Strategy LA 4-02 92 (EEE)
     DD: Iron Rod Jim Shawnesie

Linear Appraisal:
1-03  YSA EC (EC EC EC)
3-03 92 (EEEE)

Has restricted leg-BJDIS
1st pl Jr. Kid / 2011 ADGA National Show
2nd pl Jr Get of Sire group / 2011 ADGA Ntl Show
2nd pl Best 3 Juniors group / 2011 ADGA Ntl Show
3rd pl 2-Year-Old Milker / 2013 ADGA Ntl Show (1st freshening)
2nd pl Produce of Dam pair / 2013 ADGA Ntl Show
4th pl Best 3 Senior Does group (with CH Shatte & Siphronia) / 2013 ADGA Ntl Show

2014 wins:
2X Grand Champion, 2X Best Doe in Show
1st Place 3-yr-old, 1st Place Udder 3-yr-old , ALPINE NATIONAL CHAMPION & Reserve Best Udder – 2014 ADGA Ntl Show
1st Place Produce of Dam, with CH Shatte – 2014 ADGA Ntl Show
3rd Place Senior Get-of-Sire, with CH Shivaree and Shantilly – 2014 ADGA Ntl Show
4th Place Dairy Herd, with CH Shatte, Stencil, and Shantilly – 2014 ADGA Ntl Show

 Shelby and Leslie at the 2014 ADGA National Show:

"I am grateful for all the congratulatory mail I have received following CH Shelby’s National Championship win and wish to share my hope that it gives all small breeders belief that their devotion, knowledge, and hard work can be rewarded by the dairy goat world." ...Leslie

Shelby is the tallest doe in the herd! Elegant, long boned, long necked, a beautiful mover, with regal head carriage, she was blessed with the udder shape and attachment I had dreamed she would have!!! Her teats are placed exactly midway on each udder half, perfectly symmetrical. I believe that her double-up on Goodwoods James from both dam and sire has a lot to do with her lovely mammary system.

She is deep in body, wide in the chest floor, level over the topline, with fabulously tight feet. She is reminiscent of her double great-granddam---impressive, beloved CH. Iron Rod Golden Style, only more extreme.

1st place Produce of Dam, 2014 National Show, Shelby & Shatte
Shelby and her sister, Shatte.
1st place Produce of Dam, 2014 National Show

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