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GCH Iron Rod RST Shantilly *M



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GCH Iron Rod RST Shantilly *M
Shantilly at 4 years old.

DOB: 4-23-12
Color: Two-tone chamoisee

ADGA Genetics Full Pedigree

Sire: Iron Rod Rhett Staubach LA 92 (EEE)
SS: +*B Willow Run Ahren Rhett LA 90 (VEE)
     SD:  Iron-Rod String of Pearls LA 92 (EEEE)

Dam: CH Iron Rod RDK Shatte LA 92 (EEEE)
     DS: *B Cherry Glen Abraham Riddick LA 88 (VEE)
     DD: Iron Rod STG Showoff LA 89 (VEEV)

Linear Appraisal:
2-03 88 (VVEE)
4-05 90 (VVEE)
5-03 91(VEEE)

Show Wins:
2013 JrGCH dry leg
2014 1st x3, RGCH x2
     ADGA National Show:
          13th pl/ 2yr old
          3rd pl/ member Get of Sire
          4th pl/ member Dam&Daughter
2015 GCH x2, BOB x2, BDIS x2 Championship
2016 ADGA National Show
     8th pl/ 4 yr old
     4th pl/ member Dam&Daughter

Shantilly was a leggy, long bodied, level, open yearling, easily garnering her restricted leg. Decorated with a high, well attached udder upon freshening, she can be counted on to do well at any show she attends...she has always been an asset in National Show group classes. She is typical of the Rhett Staubach get in body, however, her ears, she gets from her grandsire, Riddick. Her udder, like many of her half sisters, is smoothly blended into the body with an LA score of 38 in foreudder attachment. From her dam & sire she received a high, wide rear udder, scoring 40 in rear udder height.

GCH Iron Rod RST Shantilly *M
Another view of 4-year-old Shantilly.

Dam & Daughter, Schatte & Shantilly, 2014 National Show
Shantilly and Shatte, 4th place Dam & Daughter, 2014 National Show

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