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Iron Rod Jahveh Sariah *M



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Iron Rod Jahveh Sariah *M
Sariah is pictured as a 1st freshening 2-year-old (2016)

DOB 4-02-14
Color: Two-toned chamoisee

ADGA Genetics Full Pedigree

Sire: +*B Willow Run Elijah Jahveh 5-06 89(VEE)
     SS: ++*B Willow Run Landmark Elijah –daughter’s AvgFS/88.3 –
           SSS: ++*B Hoach’s Lyric Landmark, sire of ++*B Willow Run LA Armand
     SD: SG Willabelle Aces FJE Jaguar 2*M- EX 90, 2000 Res National Champion & Res Best Udder

Dam: CH Iron Rod STB Shelby 3-03 92 (EEEE) 2014 National Champion & Res Best Udder
     DS: Iron Rod Rhett Staubach 5-04 92(EEE)
     DD: Iron Rod STG Showoff 3-03 89 (VEEV)

Linear Appraisal:
2-05 89 (EEEE)
3-03 90 (EEEV)

Show Wins:
JrGCH, BJrDIS – restricted leg
2017 – GCH, RGCH, 3X 1st

Elegant Sariah is a tall girl, scoring 33@ 2 yrs old. She strongly resembles the other doe progeny of her grand dam, Jaguar, being tall, long, and angular.

I adore her grace, her smoothly blended, tight shoulders, her long lean neck, and beautiful head! Deep bodied and wide throughout, she scored “E” in 5 structural categories: head, shoulder assembly, front legs, rear legs, & back @ 1st freshening. Her 2nd freshening appraisal mimicked the first with an additional “E” in rump!

Sariah’s udder is well attached and snug, with a fore udder score of 38 in 2017. Her teats are well placed, shaped and defined, scoring 20 in diameter. She carried some edema, into the summer, resulting in an imbalance in her udder halves. This explains the 2017 “V” in mammary. Treated appropriately, we are confident this will be remedied.

Sariah carries herself like a princess, and we concur!

Iron Rod Jahveh Sariah *M
Another look at Sariah as a 1st freshening 2-year-old (2015)

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