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SG+*B Willow Run Ahren Rhett



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SG +*B Willow Run Ahren Rhett
(Photo courtesy of Sutton's and Amy's Pride)

DOB: 5-02-01

Sire: *B Willow Run Caesar Ahren
     SS: **B Willow Run Caesar
     SD: GCH Maple-Glen Classic's Ariel 4*M

Dam: GCH Willow Run Armond Rishona 3*M
     DS: ***B Willow Run LA Armond
     DD: Hidenvalley-Acres Richelle 2*M

Linear Appraisal: 6-04 90 (VEE), E in head, back, rump.

For five years I have watched this buck, seeing his beautiful daughters in the Sutton's Herd develop, and knew this guy was the piece of Rishona that I desired.

He and his litter sister, SCGH Willow Run Ahren Rivkah 4*M are both outstanding, long, and substantial Alpines with beautiful heads and phenomenal breed character. It is a testimony to their breeding that both Rhett and Rivkah are so correctly similar in type and are able to pass it on to their progeny. I am humbled and excited to be able to use Rhett A.I. on a few select does within my herd. My gratitude to the Sutton's for this special opportunity.

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