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SG +*B Willow Run Atlas Ransom



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Ransom daughter: GCH Shining Moon Raison d'Etre *M

DOB: 5-23-00

(At left) Ransom daughter:
GCH Shining Moon Raison D'Etre*MM
(photo courtesy Shining Moon Alpines)

Sire: ++*B Willow Run Rico Atlas
     SS: ++*B Sand Dance Rico Suave
     SD: SGCH Maple-Glen Classic"s Angela *M, LA 92 (EEEE), 1996 &1997 NAT'L GCH

Dam: SGCH Willow Run Caesar Raisa 3*M, LA 90 (VEEE), 2001 NAT'L RGCH
     DS: +*B Willow Run Caesar
     DD: SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 2*M, LA 92 (EEEE), 2000, 2002, 2003, 20004 NAT'L GCH

Full brother to the bucks, SG++*B Willow Run Atlas Romulus, LA 91 (EEE), and SG+*B Willow Run Atlas Remus, LA 89 (VEE), RANSOM was selected for his pedigree; the successful daughters of his brothers; and for his own beautifully uddered, strong boned, dairy daughters in the Redwood Hills and Shining Moon herds. These daughters are upstanding, angular and substantial; with level, wide rumps, and long arched necks. Typical of the udders on Ransom daughters are a large area of attachment, extreme height to the rear, excellent medial support, long extension to the fore, and beautiful teat size, shape and placement. "Ransom has been one of the most potent udder bucks that we have had at Redwood Hill Farm"...Jennifer Bice. Daughters are also very productive, having a tremendous will to milk.

Notable daughters of SG+*B Willow Run Atlas Ransom are: SGCH Redwood Hills Ransom Zoe 8*M, LA 91 (VEEE), SG Redwood Hills Ransom Zimba 8*M, LA 91 (EEEE), GCH Redwood Hills Ransom Bailey 7*M, SG Redwood Hills Ransom Alliyah 10*M, LA 90 (+EEE), Redwood Hills Ransom Admiree 9*M, LA 90 (VEEE), GCH Shining Moon Raison D'Etre *M, LA 91 (VEEE), and Shining Moon Voodoo Dancer 5*M. LA 90 (VEEE).

SGCH Redwood Hills Ransom Zoe 8*M  SGCH Redwood Hills Ransom Zoe 8*M 
 Ransom daughter: SGCH Redwood Hills Ransom Zoe 8*M
(photos courtesy Redwood Hills)

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