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Cherry Glen Spider Rampart



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Cherry Glen Spider Rampart
(Rampart is pictured at 9 months old)

DOB: 2-12-2011
Sundgau, minimal white trim


Sire: *B IR-Ranch KW Spiderman
     SS: CH Sand Dance NH Knight Wind FS 89
     SD:  GCH IR-Ranch NCS Sugar 2*M

Dam: Cherry Glen LKP Rivkah Rasheka 4*M
     DS: Lady-K WRC Playboy, litter sister, Pukka, appraised LA 7-03 90 (EEEE)
          DSS: ++*B Willow Run Achieve
          DSD: CH Lady-K FTI Melody LA EX 91
     DD: SGCH Willow Run Ahren Rivkah 3*M LA EX 92
          DDS: ++*B Willow Run Ceasar Ahren
          DDD: SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 2*M LA EX 92 - 4 time Alpine Natl Champion

Five years ago, at the State Fair, the loveliest cou blanc doe was led past my pens. As most goat breeders do, I followed her with my eyes in hopes of seeing her rear udder. Wow! Perfect! It took me less than 10 seconds to get myself over to the Cherry Glen pens to check out the foreudder. After studying Rasheka from nose to tail tip, I thought through the depth of my bank account, and did something I have NEVER done. I asked if I could purchase her. Though turned down, Diane and Wayne never forgot that I admired her. When she kidded with a buck sired by, my personal favorite, Spiderman, he offered him to me. He added that he had me in mind when he did the breeding. That is the story of how Rampart came to live with us.

Rampart is long, well blended, level, and sharp withered. Colored similarly, we hope he grows up to look like his grandsire, CH. Knight Wind, as well as his sire. He is a gentleman, and an easy keeper. Thank you, Wayne!

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