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Iron-Rod String of Pearls



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Iron-Rod String of Pearls

DOB: 5-17-03
Color: Two-tone chamoisee

Iron-Rod String of Pearls


Sire: ++B Goodwoods James
     SS: ++*B New Era's Cappacino
     SD: CH Goodwoods Ranchman's Jamieson

Dam: CH Iron-Rod Golden Style LA 92(EEEE)
     DS: ++*B Sweet Dreams Golden Boy LA 89 (E+E)
     DD: Iron-Rod Silouette

Linear Appraisal:
3-01 91 (EEEE), teat placement 23, foreudder 45
5-02 92 EEEE!!! She received an E in shoulder assembly, back rump, and udder texture. All others are V's

Pearl strongly resembles her granddam, CH Goodwoods Ranchman's Jamieson, 1st 3-year-old '89 National Show. She is leggy, long necked, long bodied and wedgy. A beautiful feature is her dished face, large brown eyes with, yes, eyelashes. She is sharp in the withers and well blended. Her topline and udder are reminiscent of her dam's, CH Golden Style. She has a wide, well arched escutcheon, globular udder, and smooth, well extended foreudder. Her mammary received a 45 in foreudder, 26 in teat placement, and 39 in rear udder height.

At the 2006 ADGA National Show Pearl placed 11th 3-yr-old in a class of 39.

In 2007 in four outings, Pearl received 1 X BOB; 1 X Grand; 4 X RGrand; 2 X Best Udder IS; and 2 X BU of Breed. In 2008 she did not enjoy showing, however she did place 14th in her class at the 2008 National Show.

Pearl is bred to Etienne Strength, due April 20, 2014.

CH Iron-Rod Golden Style
Pearl's dam: CH Iron-Rod Golden Style

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