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Iron-Rod Tartan's Black Irish



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Iron-Rod Tartan's Black Irish

DOB: 4-30-99     
Color: Black w/ white spot left side

Iron-Rod Tartan's Black Irish

Iron-Rod Tartan's Black Irish 


Sire: CH Iron-Rod The Bold Tartan LA 90 (EEE)
     SS: Iron-Rod PH Spitfire LA 87 (VVV)
     SD: Iron-Rod French Tarte

Dam: CH Iron-Rod Golden Style LA 92 (EEEE)
     DS: ++*B Sweet Dreams Golden Boy LA 89 (E+E)
     DD: Iron-Rod Silouette

Linear Appraisal: 5-02 91 (EEVE), E in rear legs, back rump, udder texture.

Irish is a strong, powerful, well blended doe. Her mammary is incredibly snug, tight and well shaped, widely attached at all points. Her teats are plumb and well defined. She has excellent feet and legs.

Her reproduction has been impacted by a Caesarian delivery three years ago. It is difficult to get her settled as there was a great deal of scar tissue following the unsuccessful birth of triplets. Nevertheless, she has settled since then, so we are hopeful of a conception this year.

She has 2 RGCH wins.

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