Iron Rod French Alpine Dairy Goats
Iron Rod Farm French Alpine Dairy Goats

Breeders of Purebred French Alpine Dairy Goats
"Breeding for Beauty and Bounty in the Bucket."

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About Our Herd

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Iron Rod does greet a visitor at the gate.

From the beginning, our goal has been to breed animals which are structurally correct, appealing to the eye, in excellent health, and capable of high production: "Breeding for Beauty and Bounty in the Bucket." Our animals have access to grass pasture and woodlands. They are fed high quality alfalfa and alfalfa-mix hays, with 16% grain, which we blend ourselves. They receive organic vitamin/mineral supplements according to their stage of growth and reproduction/lactation phases. We breed for a strong animal with the constitution to milk nine months out of the year over a long lifetime. We feel that the excellent health of our animals is the direct result of vigilant efforts to minimize stress and prevent disease. Our kids are raised on pasteurized milk from birth, and we follow rigorous CAE prevention procedures. 

Leslie with kid 

Iron Rod Does in Pasture
Iron Rod Does in Pasture

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