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***All does and bucks will be linear appraised in July, 2014.***

A deposit of $100 will hold a kid from the breeding of your choice. A second choice is recommended. We reserve the right to retain any kid for herd replacement. If the kid is not born or is not offered for sale, your deposit will be promptly refunded or transferred to a kid of equal merit.

We reserve the option to purchase 20 units of semen at cost from any buck or buck kid sold.

We prefer to ship kids six to eight weeks old, since we can then ship directly out of the Charlottesville, Virginia Airport. ComAir, a Delta partner, and Delta by far have the most accommodating shipping procedures. Older kids must be shipped out of Richmond, Virginia at a higher expense. If you desire shipping, all fees (health papers, crate, and air freight) plus balance of purchase price must be paid before shipping. I am also willing to attempt to work out alternative transportation if it is mutually convenient.

Please write, email, or call 434-973-8407 for any additional information you may need.

Mating Summary & Price List for 2014 Kiddings

Dam Sire Due Date Kid Price Reservations
String of Pearls
92 (EEEE)
Etienne Strength 4-20-14 $650 1 doe retained
GCH Stasit *M
92 (EEEE)
Rhett Staubach
92 (EEE)
5-06-14 $800 1 doe retained
1 doe reserved
CH Siphronia
91 (EEEE)
Etienne Strength 3-30-14 $800  
91 (EEEE)
88 (VVV)
4-01-14 $600  
87 (VVEV)
88 (VVV)
4-20-14 $500  
90 (VEEE)
Rhett Staubach
92 (EEE)
3-22-14 $650 1st buck reserved
CH Shatte
91 (EEEE)
Jim Shamison (A.I.) 4-21-14 $750 1 doe retained
CH Sheriann
91 (EEEE)
*B Cherry Glen Realthing Driver
3-31-14 $900 1 doe retained
89 (EEEE)
Etienne Strength 4-20-14 $650  
YSA Ec (EcEcEc)
Willow Run Elijah Jahveh (A.I.) 4-02-14 $1000 1 doe retained
2nd doe reserved
1 buck retained
YSA Ec (EcEcEc)
Jim Shamison (A.I.) 4-07-14 $650 1st doe reserved
2nd doe reserved
Rhett Staubach
92 (EEE)
4-22-14 $550 1st buck reserved
First fresheners (born in 2012):
Shivaree X Rampart)
a leg / grey cou clair
Bold Tartan (A.I.)
90 (EEE)
3-29-14 TBD  
CH Sheriann X Rampart)
classic sungau
Rhett Staubach
92 (EEE)
4-14-14 TBD  
CH Shatte X Rhett Staubach
Etienne Strength 3-30-14 TBD  

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